The toy company Mattel has unveiled a new limited Barbie doll in the image of the Queen to commemorate her upcoming Platinum Jubilee.

The Queen Elizabeth II Barbie, to be released on the Queen’s 96th birthday on Thursday (April 21), will be “instantly recognisable”, fitted with an elegant ivory gown and blue ribbon adorned with decorations of order.

It will also feature a tiara modelled on Queen Mary’s fringe tiara, which the Queen wore on her own wedding day.

The pink ribbon on the doll imitates one given to the Queen by her father George VI, and the pale blue imitates one from her grandfather George V.

Bournemouth Echo: The new Barbie doll in resemblance of the Queen (Mattel/PA)The new Barbie doll in resemblance of the Queen (Mattel/PA)

This doll will be part of Barbie’s Tribute Collection, which was launched last year in celebration of “visionary individuals with an outstanding impact and legacy within society”.

It will be presented in a box inspired by the styles of Buckingham Palace, made from a 3D ornate die-cut border framing the figure, and an inner panel showing the throne and the red carpet of the throne room.

Where to buy the Queen Barbie doll

The doll will be sold at Harrods, Hamley’s, Selfridges, John Lewis and on Amazon.

No online pages on any of these retailers exist for the doll at the time of writing.