A minister has insisted there is “no prospect of food shortages at any point in the future”, amid concerns over the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

As reported by the Press Association, Commons Leader Mark Spencer offered assurances to MPs after Environment Secretary George Eustice said the UK is “largely self-sufficient” in wheat and not reliant on Ukrainian supplies.

Mr Eustice did acknowledge certain vegetable oils are imported from Ukraine but these issues will be discussed further on Friday (March 11) during a meeting of the G7 nations.

Speaking on the topic Mr Spencer said: “Food security is something that this Government takes very seriously.

“The good news is that Defra is across the threats that we face, that there is no prospect of food shortages at any point in the future, and Defra are working with Treasury to try and make sure that that continues to be the case.”

Bournemouth Echo: Russia has continued in its invasion of Ukraine this week (PA)Russia has continued in its invasion of Ukraine this week (PA)

How to create greater food security

This question came up from Conservative MP and Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee chairman Neil Parish, who questioned what the government was going to do to create greater food security and protect grain supplies in the country.

Mr Eustice replied: “On his final point, we published a highly comprehensive analysis of our food security including a focus on the production to supply ratio which showed that we produce roughly three quarters of the food that we are able to grow here and consume here.

“On his specific point, because we were aware of the risk of the events in Ukraine we set up a dedicated group within Defra to do contingency planning for the possible impact on food and did that at the beginning of January.

“It is the case that we don’t import wheat from Ukraine, or very small quantities. We are largely self-sufficient in wheat and we import the balance from Canada but we are looking at the cost of input particularly for the livestock sectors such as poultry.”