BBC iPlayer viewers across the country are struggling to access services.

According to Downdetector, the streaming provider is down in locations across the UK with areas including Manchester and London particularly affected.

Taking to Twitter, people are saying they have installed an update and the service is no longer working.

A message on the iPlayer does seem to confirm updates are in the offing saying: “BBC iPlayer may look a bit different today. But don’t worry, you can still watch as normal.”

But this user has confirmed that might not be the case…

What is wrong with BBC iPlayer

While the exact meaning of an error code 01119 is still unclear it seems to relate to the problems currently being looked into.

The section on "known issues" on the BBC website has a list of problems they are working on, including:

  • Why can I not access programmes on BBC iPlayer as normal?
  • Why are live and on-demand streams via HDMI not showing in full screen?
  • Why is Ultra HD content unavailable on my PS4 Pro?
  • Why are downloads not working correctly when connecting via AirPlay or HDMI?
  • Why am I seeing an error message when I try to play BBC video or audio?
  • Why is BBC iPlayer failing to load on my connected TV?

While all of these issues are currently under investigation, it's yet to be established what is causing them.

A statement on the website reads: "We're aware that some people are unable to locate and play certain episodes of programmes on BBC iPlayer at the moment.

"Some are unable to see their Continue Watching list and unable to access other Personalisation features.

"This is currently being investigated and we'll update this page with further information."