The Government is expected to make a U-turn on mandatory Covid vaccines for NHS and social care workers. 

The news comes following reports that Sajid Javid has been facing pressures to scrap the requirement for health workers in England by April amid fears it could lead to a major staffing crisis. 

The Health Secretary is set to meet ministers on the Covid-Operations Cabinet committee on Monday to confirm the U-turn according to The Daily Telegraph. 

The Daily Telegraph reported that the Government will be ending the policy because Omicron is milder than previous variants. 

It comes following last Monday's announcement from the Department of Health and Social Care which said there were no plans to change the policy following reports suggesting ministers were considering an 11th-hour delay. 

But on Tuesday, the Health Secretary said that the policy is being "kept under review."

As Mr Javid said it was "right" to reflect on Covid-19 policies but added that frontline NHS staff should get a vaccine as a "professional duty."

The Health Secretary also added that the plans for mandatory vaccines were made during the height of the Delta variant, but now "almost all" cases of are of the Omicron variant which is intrinsically less severe”.