A doctor has explained that burnout stress and post-traumatic stress are common among NHS workers as they've dealt with the Covid pandemic.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain today (Friday, January 28) Dr. Amir Khan called for more to be done for healthcare professionals.

Presenter Kate Garraway started off by calling it a "crisis point" that those who were tasked with keeping the nation well were so unwell by just doing their job.

Khan responded, saying: "Its is important that NHS workers remain well so we can continue to care for people.

"Last year 27,000 healthcare workers left the NHS in just the third quarter of the year, that's a record number, that's 2% of the workforce, it's just incredible.

"Burnout stress, post-traumatic stress in particular is really common in NHS workers.

"Just this week I've spoken to a number of my patients who are NHS workers and they come in and they cry, they don't want to go to work because of what they go through.

"They sit outside the hospital or the surgery where they work at and they just cry before going in," he added.

Dr. Khan went on to say that colleagues being off because of Covid and other reasons plus a lack of breaks puts real "added pressure" on what is already a stressful job.

Additionally, it affects their life outside of the job as well as their relationships with other people.