Dr Hilary Jones has warned that the sudden easing of Plan B Covid restrictions is "too much too soon".

Appearing on Good Morning Britain today (Thursday, January 20) Dr Jones urged for caution despite the number of Covid cases in the UK as a whole dropping.

During the latest session of PMQs, Boris Johnson announced the relaxing of Covid restrictions that would see the end of vaccine passports and the mandatory wearing of face masks in certain areas.

In reponse to this Dr Jones said: "This is a worry to many, many people. It's not just me who thinks it's too much too soon.

"Teachers, NHS providers, the Royal College of Nursing, Unison, they're all very concerned that taking away all restrictions suddenly despite the data is too much too soon."

He went on to add that hospitality would be happy by this news, but "hospitals would be horrified".

What changes are there to Plan B rules in the UK?

From today (Thursday, January 20) people will no longer have to work from home and secondary school children will no longer have to wear masks in classrooms.

Major changes come next Thursday (January 27) when Covid passes and mandatory face mask wearing will end.

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However, the biggest change will arrive on March 24 when individuals will no longer have to self-isolate even if they test positive.

Dr Jones was critical of this arguing it would increase transmission "enormously".

He added: "If you're not self-isolating despite having Covid then you're taking that virus out into the community.

"Despite vaccination there will be a lot of people who still don't have immunity, or in whom the vaccination hasn't been effective."