Coronavirus restrictions in England will be relaxed later this week, Boris Johnson announced during PMQs.

The Prime Minister announced facemasks and Covid passports will be no longer be required from tomorrow (Thursday, January 20) with just self-isolation rules remaining. 

The PM told Commons: "We resisted calls from others to shut down our country all over again.

"This government took a different path. We supported businesses that faced a reduce demand.

"The data is showing that time and again this Government got the tough decisions right.

"Cases are falling in England. Our scientists think it is likely the Omicron wave has now peaked nationally."

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The Prime Minister announced the change to Covid regulations in England in Commons after examining the latest Covid-19 data on Wednesday morning alongside his cabinet.

A review of current restrictions was not expected until next week. Health Secretary Sajid Javid told MPs on Tuesday that he was “cautiously optimistic that we will be able to substantially reduce restrictions next week”

Bournemouth Echo: Sajid Javid (PA)Sajid Javid (PA)

What are the plan B restrictions in England?

England’s Plan B measures – which include guidance to work from home, the use of the Covid pass and mandatory mask wearing in shops and on public transport – are set to expire on January 26.

The Plan B measures were introduced to combat the wave of cases driven by the Omicron variant, with the aim of buying time to offer more booster jabs.