A contestant on the BBC's The Apprentice has been forced to quit on medical grounds - leaving 13 fighting to become Lord Alan Sugar's next business partner.

Nursery boss Shama Amin, one of the candidates battling to become Lord Alan Sugar's next business partner, was reportedly left with no choice but to leave the show due to poor health.

According to reports in the Daily Star, the mum-of-five has told Lord Sugar about her battle with rheumatoid arthritis, a condition that causes pain and stiffness in joints.

Shama Amin's exit comes just two weeks after new series first began.

Shama Amin leaves The Apprentice

Reports in the Daily Star give a sneak-peak into this week's episode, where Shama Amin reveals how filming has affected her health.

She says: “I would just like to say something, Lord Sugar, if that’s OK. I suffer from a condition called rheumatoid arthritis.

“Because of medical reasons, due to this process being so physically demanding, despite the efforts the whole team has made to support me, I’ve had to make a difficult decision to leave the process.”

Lord Sugar replies: "Well Shama, I’m really sad to hear that. I wish you and your family all the best for the future.”

Who is Shama Amin?

Bournemouth Echo: Photo of Shama Amin, contestant on the BBC's The Apprentice 2022 series, via BBC Pictures.Photo of Shama Amin, contestant on the BBC's The Apprentice 2022 series, via BBC Pictures.

The Apprentice's Shama Amin is the owner of a children's day nursery in Bradford, having moved to the area almost 20 years ago. 

A mother of five children, Shama gave up her original banking job to look after her children but is now ready to invest in The Little Academy Day Nursery, located on Manchester Road. 

The nursery was rated 'Good' by OFSTED in 2018 and Shama hopes to build on this and prove she has the “skillset that is required to be one of the best, successful businesswomen in the early years sector.”

Shama Amin leaves The Apprentice on the third week of the competition.

The contestant had a good run of success - by the second episode of the series, Shama was once again on the winning team.

Teams had to design an electric toothbrush and app encouraging children aged six to eight to brush their teeth.

The women's team, including Shama, came up with 'Brushing Star'. After successful pitches to a healthcare provider and a high street chemist chain, the women's team were crowned the winners.

The women's reward was an afternoon tea in Chelsea.