Disney+ has announced that Die Hard is launching on its streaming platform just in time for Christmas.

The streaming platform has revealed that the entire franchise is available to stream from December 3.

Whether it's one of your favourite films or you're new to the cult classic - in which case welcome to the party, pal, fans will be thrilled that they can finally watch the hit film on the platform.

That being said, as happy as we are that debate is far from resolved despite it being 32 years since it was first released.

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Year on year, the question of whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie is one that has divided families and led to heated debates around the dinner table.

In 2018, the film's writer Steven E. de Souza took to Twitter to clear things up, insisting that the movie was in fact a Christmas film.

But fans were left divided again when the franchise's star Willis teased that it wasn't during his appearance on The Comedy Central Roast Of Bruce Willis.

YouGov even conducted a nationwide survey to try and mend the divide.

Bournemouth Echo: Reginald VelJohnson and Bruce Willis in Die Hard. Credit: Disney Reginald VelJohnson and Bruce Willis in Die Hard. Credit: Disney

But the survey didn't make the answer any clearer, 47 percent of people who have seen Die Hard say it is not a Christmas movie, whilst 44 percent of people insist that it is.

The divide splits genders too with 50 percent of men saying that it is a Christmas movie, while only 37% of women agree.

Die Hard continues to be as hotly debated as sprouts on a Christmas dinner and whether to watch the Queen's speech on Christmas day.

Die Hard is available to stream on Disney+ from December 3.