Robert Rinder returned to ITV's Good Morning Britain today and made an explosive start on his first show back.

Known for his reality-based court show Judge Rinder, the 43-year-old had some criticism for Prince Harry.

The topic came up due to the Duke of Sussex slamming the British press and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in a fresh interview.

Harry had criticised Twitter for not responding to him about misinformation.

Rinder responded to this comment, saying: "Prince Harry! What? I don't understand at all. I mean Prince Harry, with the greatest respect in the world, what qualifies him more than anyone else at all?

"This was open source stuff. Maybe he should have got back to him but why should he have got back to him, because he's Prince Harry?"

Rinder was clear to clarify that he did actually like Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, but found his arguments to not be of much substance.

He said: "I want to be clear, I like Meghan and Harry, her views might not be your cup of tea, fair enough.

"But my question is, if he's worried about misinformation, what about the fact him and Meghan have taken a huge deal from Netflix and the misinformation about his late mother, Lady Diana, and they've taken millions of pounds.

"How is that OK, how is that consistent, or not 'misinformation?"