The American clothing and lifestyle brand Supreme have announced they will be releasing products in collaboration with the luxry jewellery company Tiffany & Co. this week.

Items range from a key-shaped pocket knife and heart-shaped stud earrings to a pearl necklace with a silver tag.

The centrepiece of the collaboration is the Return to Tiffany jewelry line, known for its heart-shaped charm or tag.

In an Instagram post, Supreme said all pieces feature sterling silver, while the Oval Tag Pearl Necklace is made of freshwater pearls.

They have made a habit of releasing limited edition collections, which have then been sold on for far more than they were originally on sale for.

Supreme have not released jewellery collections before, mainly having teamed up with clothing comapnies such as Nike, Timberland and Stone Island before.

When will the Supreme-Tiffany collection release?

In their Instragram post, Supreme said the collection would release on Thursday November 11.

How to get items from the Supreme-Tiffany collection

The items will be available from the Supreme website.

People will have to be incredibly quick to actually get their hands on anything from the collection, as many will likely be buying to then later sell on.