Great British Bake Off (GBBO) aired its seventh episode of the 2021 series last night and with only 3 more episodes to go until the series ends, we’re wondering who can make it to the final and win the show.

Each week amateur bakers take part in baking challenges where they attempt to pull off signature, technical and showstopper bakes.

Every episode is a combination of a baking week and this week’s episode showed the bakers taking on caramel week.

Dr. Oetker has been watching the show and keeping an eye on the online discussion. From this the baking brand has come up with its winner predictions.

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In next week’s episode, week 8, Dr. Oetker predicts Lizzie, a 28-year-old car production operative from Liverpool, will be eliminated.

Bake Off judges asked her to add more finesse to her bakes and in last night’s episode, she managed it but there’s still lots of competition in her fellow contestants.

Next. they predict that Crystelle’s time in the Bake Off Tent will come to an end. Dr. Oetker’s prediction comes from a good place with them complimenting Crystelle’s baking and since she earned the star baker accolade they think she’ll stay in the competition until episode 9 where she’ll be eliminated.  

Dr. Oetker thinks the show will see Chigs, Jürgen and Giuseppe in the Bake Off final, competing for the last time.

Chigs only began baking last year and has proved to be consistent throughout the show. Dr. Oetker predicts third place is on the cards for Chigs.

Jürgen and Giuseppe are thought to finish in second and first place respectively with Dr. Oetker describing them as “the strongest front runners since week 1.”

Giuseppe is thought to be the future winner of the show due to his ability to create interesting flavours and how he manages the finishing touches of his bakes.

Dr. Oetker has also looked at the Instagram followers gained by the contestants during their time on the show, week 1 to week 6.

The results show that Giuseppe has had the biggest increase in followers from week 1 to 6 with a 1370% increase as his follow count jumped from 1,417 to 20,830.

Jürgen closely follows in second place with a total increase of 1362% having started on 1,577 followers with the week 6 total being 23,056.

Chigs started off with a few more followers than Giuseppe, 1,425, and his week 6 total was 18,831 having increased by 1221%.

Lizzie started on the same follow count as Chigs in week 1 but by week 6 had 17,483 Instagram followers meaning her count increased by 1127%.

Crystelle started in week 1 with 2,430 Instagram followers and saw an increase of 421%, leaving her with a total of 12,656 by week 6.

Great British Bake Off will continue to air on Channel 4 on Tuesdays at 8pm.