A new scam is targeting Asda, Morrisons and Tesco customers.

Fake marketing surveys are being sent out impersonating the likes of the supermarket giants.

The emails offer gift cards of up to £100 for filling them out.

Which? have gotten hold of the some of the emails, and this is what you should look out for so that you don’t fall victim to the new scam.

Asda gift card scam

Bournemouth Echo: Credit: Which?Credit: Which?

The email wants you follow a link to fill out a customer survey. It promises a large reward in return for doing very little, which Which? describes as a “very common phishing tactic”.

Asda confirmed that the survey is not being run by them.

You should not click on the link from the email.

Morrisons gift card scam

Bournemouth Echo: Credit: Which?Credit: Which?

A similar tactic is used by scammers claiming to be from Morrisons.

They promise a £90 reward in return for filling out the survey.

A Morrisons spokesman told Which?: “These social media posts are designed by third-parties posting as Morrisons, for the purpose of fraudulent activity.

“Please do not click any links, open attachments or enter personal information. This is not a genuine post from Morrisons.”

Tesco gift card scam

Bournemouth Echo: Credit: Which?Credit: Which?

The Tesco version is identical to the Morrisons scam, with the brand detailing change to match Tesco.

The supermarket giant confirmed to Which? that it was aware of the emails and was working to stop them being sent out.

A dedicated email has been set up for customers to report phishing emails to.

Any customers who receive this scam email claiming to be from Tesco should contact phishing@tesco.com to report it.

Phishing emails can also be reported to the National Cyber Security Centre on report@phishing.gov.uk