A loungewear brand have launched a job search to get people to wear their clothes, drink wine and watch Netflix.

The job vacancy is for a loungewear tester, and needs someone to road-test their joggers, pyjamas and hoodies to ensure they are up to the 'very important' task of lounging.  

What does the job require people to do?

The job, for fashion brand Pour Moi, will involve certain tasks, including sitting on the couch and watching Netflix, scrolling through Tik Tok and drinking a glass of wine, all whilst trialling Pour Moi’s latest loungewear and nightwear collections.

A full review will then need to be submitted which provides details on how comfortable the outfits are and if any improvements can be made. This feedback will then be used to influence Pour Moi’s future products.  

How much will workers be paid?

The role is for 10 hours of work, and will be paid £30/hr which means the new hire will £300 to relax and chill out – all in the name of work.  

What have the fashion brand said about the job?

Michael Thomson, owner of fashion brand Pour Moi, said: "We know that over the last few months many people have spent more time in loungewear than ever before, and because of this we’ve seen demand for comfies like joggers, pyjamas and hoodies skyrocket.

"With winter approaching, we know that our next season of loungewear is going to be incredibly in demand so we need to make sure it’s up to the task.

"This new role is really important to us as it will provide valuable feedback on our product and any improvements which could be made – we're excited to find the best person for the role so we can get started." 

How to apply

Applications are open now globally and will close on October 12, 2020.

To apply, visit: https://www.pourmoi.co.uk/inspirations/642/hiring-300-to-chill-out-in-comfy-clothes.