Mrs Margaret Nation of Bournemouth recognised Billy Foreman as one of the players not yet identified in the 1976 picture of the AFC Bournemouth youth team, above, which was printed on May 10 and again on July 2.

The line up are as follows: From left, Peter Moore, Clive Grout, Steve Chalk, Chris Giles, Steve Gritt, Brian O’Donnell (both in the vehicle), David Gibbs, Shaun O’Mara, Billy Foreman and Ian Loveys.

Still to be named are the two on the far right, although Margaret thinks the man on the end could be Mark Nightingale. Originally from Oxford, Billy joined the AFC Bournemouth youth team in 1976.

He then went on to play for Sligo in Southern Ireland.

The last she heard he had moved to Newcastle to become a teacher.

In the late 1970s and early 80s Margaret was the landlady of a house in Leaphill Road, Bournemouth, where many of the youth team who came from outside Bournemouth stayed for a while after joining the club.

She also met father and son, John and Kevin Bond, when Kevin joined the youth team.

Please contact Echoes if you can identify the two who haven’t yet been named.