YOU’VE got to be quick if you want to catch Becky-Beth Cox. For when she’s not looking after her two young children or taking part in photo shoots, the 26-year-old model mum races cars.

Becky has been living life in the fast lane since she was 17 and after a short break to start her family, she’s now back on track.

“I don’t really stop,” she laughs. “The kids take up most of my time but when I’m not looking after them I’m either working at Thruxton or getting ready to race.

“It’s very addictive. From the moment I had my first taster session at 17 I got the bug.”

Becky who lives with her husband and children aged four and 20 months in Ferndown, was one of the youngest female rally car drivers when she first hit the circuit.

Now Becky is preparing for her first race in four years this weekend in Norfolk.

“I’m looking forward to it. I’m the only female driver on the entry list. There are a few women popping up in motor sport but it is still basically a man’s world.”

But far from being intimidated, Becky sees it as a bonus.

“It’s quite good being a woman because you tend to stand out from the others, so from the PR side it can be an advantage.”

And she says most people do take her seriously now.

“You get the odd sarcastic comment and a few women driver jokes but it doesn’t bother me. The last person who made a sarky comment, I challenged him to go head to head and I beat him!”

And her skills at the wheel don’t stop there. She also has an engineering degree in motor sport and has worked as a mechanic.

“I passed my driving test two weeks after my 17th birthday. I lived out in the country and we didn’t really have many buses which is why I was keen to get my driving licence so I could get out and about.

“I loved driving and after a few taster sessions where you get to drive your own car on the racing track I was encouraged to take it further.

“It is very expensive though and I had several jobs to pay for it – I worked in a car garage, in a bar and also did some modelling work.”

Becky who is 5ft 7in tall and weighs ten stone, works out around three to four times a week.

“It’s important to have good fitness and stamina. I also eat healthily as I can’t afford to put on too much weight!”

And she’s had a few bad crashes too. “I’ve been knocked unconscious, but it’s important to get back in the driving seat and carry on. I am a sensible driver – I have the kids with me most of the time!”

Becky aims to be part of the British Touring Car team and to set up her own women’s driving team.

“If there are any women out there who are interested in motor sport I would suggest them to try a track day and see if they are any good.

“For now though I’m going to concentrate on my career. I’ve had time out to have children so now I’m raring to go!”.

If anyone is interested in sponsoring Becky for next season, visit her website