TOUGH new rules to be introduced at a secondary school in September have been described as 'draconian' by a parent.

Corfe Hills issued a letter about the new regulations on the last day of term, warning of a new so-called consequence system and strict penalties in relation to uniform and mobile phones.

Pupils will have to lock away mobile phones in their lockers and will not be allowed to use them at any point during the school day, including lunch times and breaks.

Anyone seen using a phone will have it confiscated immediately, without warning.

A new CH 1st Impressions card will be issued to all students, which must be carried in the top pockets of their blazers at all times.

The card will contain a list of expectations and if students fail to meet those expectations they will receive a "strike" on their card. Three strikes will mean the student is placed in isolation for the day.

Lost or damaged cards will be replaced with a new card containing two strikes.

In a letter to parents, assistant head teacher Sara Jones said: "Students will be sanctioned with one strike for incorrect wearing of uniform. Three strikes will mean a student will be placed in isolation for the day.

"If a student attends school in incorrect uniform they will be provided with a replacement item for the day. After this, a student will be isolated until their uniform is correct."

She added: "Should a student be seen with a mobile phone it will be immediately confiscated. The phone will then be placed in a safe place until parents can collect it."

A parent, who did not wish to be named, told the Daily Echo: "I am disgusted by the tone of the letter. How does the school justify isolating a child for a whole day, missing vital lessons, for issues such as uniform.

"If children have a lunch break, this is their time and they should be allowed to communicate with friends and family.

"Phones will be taken away and only retrievable by parents. How will this work if parents are working and only return home after 5pm?"

There was no one available at the school to comment.