SAY hello to these adorable newborns bringing joy to proud new parents and excited siblings amid the coronavirus pandemic.

We would like to introduce you to these five cute babies, who came into the world in very unprecedented circumstances.

Bournemouth Echo: Happy baby ElsieHappy baby Elsie

Read on to find out about some of their incredible birthing stories.

The majority were born in Poole apart from one who was born at home in Hamworthy.

Baby Elsie Rae Wilkinson was born two days early on September 28 2020 at 6.22pm.

Mum Ella Mitchell said: "The midwives were brilliant and very supportive. Elsie is now five months old and her constant smiles get us through the lockdown."

After previously having two miscarriages, Lisa Williamson gave birth to Barnaby William Hall on March 4 2021.

She said: "The midwives were brilliant and the doctor delivered him safely."

Jazmine Ricardson suffered three litres of blood loss following giving birth to Vinnie Jay Lucifer Moore.

Bournemouth Echo: Vinnie with big sister NevaehVinnie with big sister Nevaeh

She said: "After an incredible birth I was rushed to theatre after my placenta got stuck for over an hour. They struggled to get it out in theatre resulting in three litres of blood loss. My veins collapsed and I turned blue.

"I felt myself going, my whole life flashed before my eyes in seconds and my eyes shut.

"I later woke up in recovery. I really thought I was gone and I nearly died bringing my beautiful boy into this world. I'm truly lucky to be here."

Naomi Maple gave birth to Bjorn Victor Tattam at home in a birthing pool in Hamworthy.

Bournemouth Echo: Baby Bjorn Baby Bjorn

Naomi said: "We had Netflix on in the background and baby Bjorn came in time for dinner. Two hours after being born, mummy was tucked up in bed with a takeaway to celebrate."

Orla Summer Amber Donohoe arrived two weeks early after a complicated birth.

Mum Tamzin Lee said: "We were blessed with our perfect and healthy baby girl. She has been our little ray of sunshine through the lockdowns and worrying times. Her favourite things to do are pouting and bouncing."

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