A MOTORCYCLIST who told a police officer he did not believe in road traffic law when caught speeding has been sentenced.

Nicholas Tebbut, aged 62 and from Wareham, failed to attend Poole Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, February 28, and was found guilty by magistrates following a trial in his absence.

The motorcyclist was caught riding at 70mph in a 50mph limit on Holes Bay Road, Poole on Monday, July 17, 2017.

When Dorset Police No Excuse officer PC Spratt stopped the rider, it was reported Tebbut told him: “I don’t believe in road traffic law.”

He said that he only acknowledged common law.

A spokesperson for the No Excuse team said: "Although Mr Tebbut cooperated with the Traffic Offence Report process, he refused to sign the report to confirm his presence and understanding.

"He subsequently responded to police correspondence with a written denial of his presence at the time of the offence, claiming he was at home watching television with his wife.

"Upon hearing the evidence (which included a photograph of Mr Tebbut in the rear of the police car) magistrates were satisfied that he had exceeded the speed limit and found him guilty in his absence."

Tebbut's driving licence was endorsed with five penalty points and he was ordered to pay a fine of £440, a victim surcharge of £44 and costs of £620.

PC Spratt said: “Mr Tebbut may refuse to recognise UK traffic law, but this verdict shows how the courts take a dim view of road users who fail to adhere to the law.”