CHILDREN from a Christchurch school were shown how to cook delicacies from Switzerland as part of the Christchurch Food Festival Educational Trust programme.

Led by Mary Reader, the trust's president, around 120 children in Years 3 to 6 at The Priory School, on Wick Lane, were taught some recipes as part of the Swiss Lakes and Mountains theme of the two-day event.

Helen Simpson, Year 6 teacher, said: "It was a fabulous experience rich with learning and very well planned by Mary Reader’s team.

"Many children tasted our vegetables and thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on cooking."

She went on to say that the activity fits in with the children's learning, which includes finding out more about lakes and also healthy eating, including how to have a balanced diet.

The pupils were also taught about where the food comes from, including being shown on a map of the world where Switzerland is. This was followed by demonstrations from Ian Hewitt, head chef of Christchurch Harbour Hotel on how to make a fondue, fish dish and bread using fresh ingredients, which they were allowed to taste and take away with them.

Christchurch Food and Wine Festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday, May 9 and 10, 2015, which will feature a host of chefs demonstrations, stalls and trails across cafes, restaurants and pubs, as well as events being held throughout May.

The trust, which is a registered charity, has continued to arrange for local chefs to visit the town's primary schools to talk about food, healthy eating and give demonstrations, allowing children to try many foods that they haven't before.

It aims to increase education and combat the national issue of poor diet, obesity and lack of knowledge of food and food preparation, with enhanced cookery courses for students in the town's secondary schools.

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