PLANS to demolish a house and build a block of seven flats have been rejected.

Bournemouth council officers said the scheme for a three storey block at 8 Carbery Avenue in Tuckton would be "overdevelopment" and of "unacceptable design" and blocked it using delegated powers.

A previous proposal for a block of flats on the site was also rejected, along with plans to build new houses, although last year a plan to demolish the existing building and build two new houses was approved.

There were 25 objections which referred to the plans as "overbearing" and "oppressive".

A report by planning officer Sophie Edwards states: "The overly large building, combined with the changes to the front of the site to create underground parking, would lead to a form of development that would be out of keeping with the existing pattern of development in the locality.

"It would have an overbearing and oppressive impact.

"The proposed block of flats would also result in a loss of a family dwellinghouse, contrary to the requirements of the local plan policies."