GET ready to cheer the good guys and boo the bad ones, as wrestling returns to Bournemouth this month.

Oliver Grey, recently crowned the new Superslam Championship holder, hits the tag team trail when All Star Wrestling open their 2018 programme with a main event clash at the Pavilion Ballroom, Bournemouth, on Sunday January 28

Grey joins forces with ever-consistent Londoner James Mason to face American invader Harlem Bravado and his partner, Canada-born globetrotter Joe Legend.

Bravado, younger half of a top team combination with elder brother Lance, has enjoyed solo and tag success around the world with appearances for Ring of Honor in the USA as well as Pro Wrestling Noah in Japan won the title at the beginning of 2018 only for his run to be ended by Grey back in November.

There will be more than personal pride at stake as the prize for the winning pairing will be a Pavilion Ballroom clash against the awesome combination of the ring’s ‘Vampire Warrior’ Gangrel and recent WWE try-out star James Drake from Blackpoo

The programme starting at 3pm will wind up with an over the top rope rumble when entrants include the tag quartet plus high flying Mexican lucha-libre star Flying Eagle and 25 year-old Belfast based former TV Love Island star Adam Maxted (pictured) who has made an impressive return to the wrestling scene where he faced top home and foreign stars in Northern Ireland early in his ring career.

Their reputations will count for nothing against rivals including the notorious Henchmen, the formation of bearded battlers Jim Diehard and Benton Destruction who find the direct, over-the-top-rope rumble style much to their liking.

Just as eager to shine will be North East cyclone Tony Spitfire and the Big City Brawler while another heavyweight chasing the honours as wrestlers enter the fray at one minute intervals will be metal masked monster Thunder who is now back after being side-lined with a knee injury last summer,

Tickets are on sale at the Pavilion box office, call 0844 5763000. Special £45 family offer for two adults and two children under 16.

For further information visit or All Star Wrestling UK on Facebook.