THREE of the men found guilty of the manslaughter of young father Reece James were captured on camera running away seconds after he was shot.

Police have released three short films taken from CCTV footage that show Wayne Stephenson, Keifer Hutchinson and Jarome Parkinson before and after Mr James’s death on July 25, 2012.

In one of the clips, both Stephenson and Hutchinson are seen walking around Roumelia Lane.

The men walk down the road with their hands in their pockets, occasionally pausing to look in through windows of shops and properties and chat to each other.

The prosecution told the court this first visit was a “reccy” – British Army slang for ‘reconnaissance’ – to scout out the road and find the flat.

Another clip shows all three men with hoods over their heads returning to the road.

Seconds after Mr James was tragically shot dead, the three men reappear at a run.

Stephenson, who is in the centre of the group, told the court that during the dash back to his Audi, he had the sawn-off shotgun that killed Mr James stashed up his sleeve after taking it from the flat in a panic.

He later threw the weapon into the Thames.

A third clip of the men arriving in the Audi has also been released.

Kieron Wellington, of Bournemouth, does not appear in the footage. Although he organised the raid on the flat, he remained behind in London while it was being carried out.