Dominic Isom left two voicemail messages for Samantha Henderson in an attempt to cover his tracks after murdering her.

The messages, played to the court during the trial, feature Dominic Isom begging Mr Henderson to return home following her death.  

Please come back, you can't stay away any longer, please come back.

The girls are crying (indecipherable), so please I need you back here, Sam please (indecipherable)... You don't have to be the one you used to be, you don't have to be a better person, you can be a better person.. You don't have to go away and live another life (indecipherable). It'll get better (indecipherable) - please. Sam please come back. Oh... I love you. Phone me please.

Sam, please pick up these messages, please, please. Everyone's coming out looking for you. Please, I need you to come home (indecipherable). I can't do this on my own Sam. Please I love you so much, please come home.

A phone call between Dorset Police and Dominic Isom after he had reported Samantha Henderson missing was also recorded. This was made at 8.52am on Thursday 22 January 2015.

The 999 call made by Dominic Isom to Dorset Police at 8.38am on Thursday, January 22.