THERE could have been no greater tribute to the short life and infectious personality of Jade Clark than the number of people who turned up to pay tribute in person at her funeral yesterday. Hundreds came to say goodbye, not just her family and friends, but many others too including members of police and fire services.

Speakers were installed outside the crematorium at Bournemouth so that everyone could hear the service.

It has been a dreadful time for Jade’s family since her death on the A31.

And they have not even been able to grieve quietly, as the relentless drive to find the ‘missing’ Volvo driver has necessitated constant media coverage since her passing. A driver has now been arrested and Jade has been laid to rest. We hope that in some small way, Jade’s family can take comfort in her being at peace and try to begin putting their lives together again.

We can hardly begin to imagine what they are going through.