THE skies were illuminated once again by the pyrotechnic displays at Night Air.

Against a beautiful dusky pink backdrop, the Twister Duo were the first to take to the skies for the evening show.

Although they appeared earlier in the day to perform, the aerobatics team lit up the sky with their illuminated aircraft.

In contrast to their more dynamic daytime display, the Twister Duo glided across the horizon before letting off a stream of sparkling fireworks.

People lined up along the East Cliff with their cameras and binoculars poised as O’Briens Flying Circus: Otto the Helicopter flew across the moonlit horizon.

The aircraft let off its own stream of fireworks to the excitement of the crowds.

Finally, the Red Devils Parachute Regiment’s display team showed off their skills by jumping 4,000ft from a biplane.

Nine serving soldiers from 1,2 and 3 PARA made the daring dive, trailing sparks as they circled their way to the drop zone on the beach.

Night Air continues this evening.