A SHOPPER was shocked when two pork chops set her back £527.22.

The woman had already taken her shopping through a self-service checkout and paid with her card before she noticed the error.

Staff at Asda corrected the transaction – but warned the money would not be refunded into her bank account for two working days.

As the mistake occurred on Friday, this left the 57-year-old with no available cash until today at the earliest.

The chops show up on her receipt as “meat reduced – £527.22”.

Speaking on behalf of his mum, Nathan Cole, of Upton Heath Estate, Upton, Poole, said: “It was only an hour after she’d been to the Asda store in Poole when she looked at her receipt.

“The bill including the two pork chops was for a whopping £549.68.

“Later, when she was eating the chops for dinner with my dad, she told him to enjoy them as they’d cost £50 a mouthful.

“Unfortunately mum was in a bit of a rush and had left her reading glasses at home.”

Nathan criticises Asda for not helping his worried mum more after she rushed back to the West Quay Road store.

“She couldn’t believe the money couldn’t go back on her account immediately. At first all they offered was to refund the pork chops,” he said.

“But then the manager came and gave her a £5 gift card.

“All my mum wanted was peace of mind. She wanted someone to say, ‘Look, if you get any charges for going overdrawn or struggle to pay for anything on your card because of this, please come back and we will compensate’.

“But she was told nothing. I don’t think this is the best customer service.”

Asda said: "A system glitch meant that the pork chop scanned at the wrong price. As soon as Mrs Cole highlighted this to us we refunded her the full amount, and also gave her a £5 gift card to say sorry for our mistake.

"It goes without saying that we’re sorry for any inconvenience caused. Sometimes refunds can take a couple of days to appear on back onto a bank card due to banking systems, but the refund should hit Mrs Cole’s account today."