A GRANDMOTHER who staged a rooftop protest has succeeded in getting her electricity turned back on.

Catherine Beesley resorted to clambering up onto a garage roof in a bid to persuade her daughter Sue Martin to reconnect the power to the converted loft Mrs Beesley shares with her husband Richard.

The pair had been living by candlelight upstairs at the house in Broughton Close, Redhill Park, since they moved back in at the start of September.

But the long-standing feud at the house she co-owns with her daughter took a step forward when an electrician was called out to restore the power.

Catherine, 60, said: “The electricity being back on is a good step as we had waited for a month.”

Catherine and her first husband bought the house in 1987 and she had it up for sale for £280,000 in 2007 before she decided to sell part of it to her daughter and they later fell out.

After the electricity was turned back on Sue, who lives on the ground floor, said she is “hoping everything is going to work out okay”.