THE mother of murdered Reece James Menzies has called for the people of Boscombe to help find her son’s killers.

Michelle James says she and her family have been left “broken” following Reece’s death and believe someone living in the Bournemouth area holds vital information about the shooting.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Echo from her London home, Mrs James described Reece, 21, as a “loving son” and a “mummy’s boy” and revealed he had just become a father.

“I am devastated. We had quite a lot planned as a family and it’s just broken us all – everyone is upset, especially his sister and brothers.

“We are all trying to come to terms with it. I think there is disbelief at the moment and the kids don’t believe that it’s really happened.

“It is so hurtful and so very painful. “I have no idea why anyone would want to hurt him. He was such a loving person and everyone knows that.”

Mrs James, 45, said her other children aged nine, 14, and 19, are struggling to come to terms with their brother’s death.

She said Reece’s father and two half brothers and other family members are also distraught.

Mrs James said Reece lived near to her with her brother and worked for his plastering business.

Reece had welcomed his daughter Takayla on May 12 with his girlfriend.

“He was over the moon when she was born and wanted a daughter. He was there every day feeding and changing her nappy. He played a big part in her first few months.”

Paying tribute to her son, Mrs James said: “He was a lovely son. He loved cuddles and kisses and would say ‘Mum I love you so much’.

“He was a real family guy and we used to speak on the phone every day.”

Mrs James said Reece enjoyed school, particularly art and wanted to become an architect. He went to college to study art and design but finished after a year.

Mrs James doesn’t believe her son was a member of the Church Road Soldiers gang but did have friends who were associated with the group.

Mrs James appealed for any witnesses or people with information to come forward and help find Reece’s killers.

“I am asking as Reece’s mother, please come forward with any information you have even if you think it is irrelevant. I don’t want anyone else going through what we are.”