A MURDER investigation is underway after a man was stabbed to death at a Bournemouth flat in an apparent row over noise.

Armed police called to reports of a disturbance at a block of flats in Coleman Road off Moore Avenue, West Howe, found the 44-year-old man in his first-floor flat.

Angelo Rodrigues died a short time later from multiple stab wounds. An inquest has been opened and adjourned into his death.

Last night detectives were still quizzing a man and a woman. The man, aged 40, was arrested on suspicion of murder.

The woman, aged 60, lives below in the same council block as the dead man.

The drama unfolded on Friday evening.

Worried residents looked on as around 20 police cars, an ambulance and a fast response ambulance car were scrambled to the scene at around 7.15pm.

The police helicopter was launched to search for a suspect, and some families were not allowed past the road block into their homes for several hours.

Neighbours told the Daily Echo that Mr Rodriguez, a Portuguese man, had been stabbed in his own flat with a kitchen knife.

Ground floor resident Chris Edwards and his wife were sitting out on their patio when they heard raised voices upstairs.

Mr Edwards, 54, said: “I heard the lady next door go up and, as has happened before, argue with him.

“As far as I knew that was it. I didn’t hear what was said and the next thing I knew the police were here.”

The pair had previously rowed about Mr Rodriguez shouting at his television, Mr Edwards said.

He heard the woman shouting, then silence, and saw her and her boyfriend come back downstairs.

“He was in his own home,” Mr Edwards said.

“Angelo has always been decent to me and my wife. I did n’t see him that often but when I did he was always polite, a decent enough guy.”

Hayley Dion, 19, who lives in the neighbouring block of flats, said she heard muffled shouting and banging.

The next thing she knew, armed police ran into the building looking for an incident, but it actually happened next door.

Miss Dion said: “There was banging and stuff, the same as usual, and muffled shouting.

“Then armed police were at my mum’s door saying let us in.The police were rushing in and out.

“All they told us was that the man was seriously injured and there wasn’t much chance he would survive.”

Arguments, drugs and violence are common in the area said another resident and there was a particularly big row between residents in the block last Sunday .

She added: “I’m stuck here and the council will not move me.

“I usually go indoors, keep the door shut and let them get on with it.”

A mum from Coleman Road coming back from work had to leave her car in Cunningham Road.

She said: “The police only let me in because one of my kids was at home, scared.

“Somebody said it was a stabbing and it doesn’t surprise me.

“Arguments have been going on for months, police are always over there.”