A FILMMAKER from Bournemouth has achieved what is thought to be a world record after visiting five continents in just one day.

Adrian Butterworth, who runs Bournemouth-based Adelia TV, was asked by friend Gunnar Garfors to accompany him on the unique trip to make a film about it.

The pair met at university and Adrian, 40, said he was well behind Norwegian Gunnar’s vast travelling experiences.

He said: “He’s visited 174 countries in the world and he basically wanted to do it because it was there and then he roped me into filming.”

The epic trip saw them visit Venezuela in South America, Istanbul in Asia, Casablanca in Africa, Paris in Europe and Punta Cana in North America.

Adrian, who lives near Bournemouth Hospital, added: “It was very tiring, it actually took 30 hours because we were following the time zones, but midnight to midnight we completed it in the same day.

“It was an incredible experience. I had only been to three continents before so I doubled it in one day, which is pretty amazing.

“The big issue we had was we could only have carry-on baggage because we didn’t have time to check in, so all the gear was in one bag.”

The documentary will be shown on Norwegian TV and an English version will also be made.

The pair are waiting for their adventure to be ratified by Guinness World Records.

“For me it feels different because I don’t have so much experience of travelling.

“In general it was a real eye-opener as to how small the world is and you can visit five continents in one day using scheduled airlines,” said Adrian.