A NINE-year-old Dorset girl hits the big screen this weekend alongside Hollywood star Kristen Stewart.

Hattie Gotobed has a speaking role in the long-awaited blockbuster Snow White and the Huntsman, a much grittier take on the Brothers Grimm fairytale.

She plays Lilly, a villager who befriends Kristen’s Snow White, who is being trained up to overthrow her stepmother, the Evil Queen.

Hattie, from Wimborne, who goes to Broadstone Middle School, said: “I am the chief’s daughter and when Snow White comes into land I take her hand to take her out of the boat.

“Lilly’s sweet and a tiny bit shy.

“But mostly she’s lively and confident like me.”

Hattie’s lines come in a scene where she makes dolls with Kristen.

She warmed to her co-star over her week’s filming at Pinewood Studios and Frensham Ponds, in Surrey.

Hattie said: “Kristen is really kind and generous and nice. I got to see the film at a cast and crew screening.

“It’s amazing to be in a film.

“You feel a bit embarrassed when you see yourself, but I loved it a lot.”

Hattie started dancing aged 18 months and has been acting for three years.

She has already been an extra in one of the Harry Potter films, in which her elder brother Rohan played a young Sirius Black, and Jack the Giant Killer, out this summer.

“My friends love that I do this and all support me,” Hattie added.

“They’re always nice to me if I don’t get something after an audition.

“We’re all going to see Snow White for my 10th birthday next week.”