TWO football stars are starring in a feature film based on a play by a Bournemouth man.

Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock and Steve Fletcher will have cameos on ‘Doorways’, written by former cagefighter Steven Murphy.

Ruddock’s career as a football hardman took him to Southampton, Liverpool and Milwall, and he said he was attracted by the “great script”.

Bournemouth legend Steve Fletcher will have a small role as a “trendy bar manager” and it is his second foray into acting.

The veteran striker recently starred as the champion in the short film ‘The Boxer’, made by students from the Arts University College at Bournemouth.

He said he was focused on next season’s football and his growing ambassadorial role at the club, but that film work was a chance to have some fun.

Fletcher said: “I watch a bit of everything but love films like Goodfellas, Casino and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I am a little bit apprehensive about having a speaking part – I have been getting practice in and boring the wife senseless.”

Writer Stephen Murphy, from Southbourne, said filming was due to start on September 1.

Locations include the Rydal Arms in New Milton, Parkstone’s Britannia Inn, and Priva in Bournemouth.

Steven said: “Meeting Razor was wonderful. He was a huge, big-hearted, charismatic man so I feel his personality will shine through.

“I met Fletch for this first time this week and he was a top bloke.”

Doorways tells the story of an experienced bouncer showing a naive newcomer the ropes. The stage version was packed with laughs and was a hit at Bournemouth’s Winchester Pub.

But it also asked serious questions about what it means to be a “tough guy” – and what it means to be a man.

Ruddock said: “Everyone’s got a gentle side, I still cry watching Lassie. “A real man shouldn’t be afraid of crying and telling his closest he loves ’em – especially to his missus when he comes home late with lipstick on his collar.”