CONVICTED killer Elliot Turner was told to put away thoughts of “champagne, Bentleys and girls” as he starts a 16-year jail term.

Nicknamed ‘All-talk’ Turner and branded possessive, obsessive, spoilt, flash and boastful, Turner strangled aspiring model girlfriend Emily Longley to death in a jealous rage.

Emily, 17, was found dead in his bed at the Turner’s family home in Queenswood Avenue in Bournemouth on May 7, 2011.

As the wealthy jeweller’s son was handed a life sentence, The Honourable Mrs Justice Linda Dobbs said: “You deprived a tight-knit family of a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and cousin. You have deprived young people both here, and in New Zealand, of a friend.

“The descriptions, both in evidence and in statements, paint a picture of a lovely, kind, fun-loving, girl who brought a ray of sunshine to the lives she touched. That light has been extinguished suddenly and needlessly.

“You told your parents that you loved Emily Longley but you really don’t know the meaning of the word love.

“You didn’t love her, she was just a trophy.”

Mrs Justice Dobbs added: “Your arrogance during your relationship with Emily Longley, during your time on remand and even throughout this trial is breathtaking.

“Your lack of remorse is chilling. It was clear she wanted to be free from you and you were not going to let that happen.

“If you couldn’t have her, no-one else would do.”

Shortly before Turner was sent to the cells, the judge told him: “You can put away your thoughts of champagne, Bentleys and girls and concentrate on the reasons why you are serving a life sentence.”

Emily’s parents, Mark and Caroline, and sister Hannah were invited to sit in the well of the court to face Turner as he was sentenced.

Elliot’s father Leigh was also in the court.

The judge also handed Turner, 20, a nine-month jail term for perverting the course of justice by attempting to persuade his mother Anita Turner to change her story to police.

This will run concurrently with his life sentence.

Turners parents Leigh, 54, and Anita, 51, were also found guilty on a majority verdict of perverting the course of justice by trying to cover their son’s terrible crime by destroying a confession note written by Elliot and removing a jacket from the crime scene.

They have been released on conditional bail and will be sentenced in around four weeks. The judge warned them they face jail.