THE mother of murder accused Elliot Turner sobbed as she told of the promise she had made to Emily Longley’s grandmother.

Anita Turner, 51, told a court she had made assurances she would watch over the 17-year-old aspiring model, adding: “I told her not to worry when she was in my care.”

Indonesian-born Mrs Turner said she had experienced problems waking Emily before and thought it was “impossible” Emily had passed away.

She said she did not call the ambulance at first, because half of her thought Emily would wake up, and she tried to rouse her with a cup of tea and by shaking her.

Anita Turner did admit in court to taking a jacket from Elliot’s bedroom where Emily died. But she said she “didn’t think” and simply wanted to return to a family friend.

The prosecution claim she took the jacket because Elliot had worn it during the early hours of May 7 last year – the day Emily died.

Anita Turner claimed police officers saw her take the jacket and pack it in a suitcase. She denied destroying a note Elliot wrote.

The court was reminded about a text Elliot sent his mother on the evening of May 6 which read: “I am sorry for my sins.”

Mr Jones put it to Mrs Turner that the “incriminating” text was sent hours before Elliot “murdered” Emily and was not him apologising for swearing.

Mrs Turner replied: “He never murdered Emily Longley.”

Mr Jones put it to Mrs Turner: “You simply refuse to admit that your son could have done this.”

She replied: “I don’t think God would have given me a son who is capable of taking someone’s life. My son has told me he’s been kicked, he’s been punched. I believe him.

“I can’t imagine that he did it |deliberately.”

The prosecution alleges Elliot Turner, 20, strangled Brockenhurst College student Emily in the bedroom in his family home in Queenswood Avenue, Queens Park, Bournemouth.

Elliot Turner denies murder and his parents, Leigh Turner, 54, and Anita Turner, 51, deny perverting the course of justice.

The trial continues.