BOURNEMOUTH’S all-boys grammar school plans to admit girls for the first time in its history despite objections from the girls’ school next door.

It will take up to 50 girls per year in its sixth form from September 2013 although head of the girls’ school Alistair Brien claims the move will narrow choice for boys in the borough.

Bournemouth School’s (BS) admission policy has been changed to allow girls in years 12 and 13 to study full-time at the East Way school.

In recent years sixth form students at BS and neighbouring Bournemouth School for Girls (BSG) have mixed for some lessons on an informal basis.

But the arrangement has not been possible since BS changed its timetable, meaning it starts lessons half-an-hour earlier and has six lessons per day compared to BSG’s five.

BS head Dr Dorian Lewis said: “We believe in choice and this broadens choice for girls in the area. “We also believe it creates a healthy environment to have both boys and girls in the sixth form.”

He said the school is the only secondary to be rated outstanding in Bournemouth and to offer subjects such as Latin and Electronics at A level.

But Mr Brien said: “The two schools have for many years had a very successful collaboration enabling both boys and girls to have maximum flexibility of subject choice.

“Our school would very much have wished to continue such a partnership and are clearly disappointed at Bournemouth School’s decision to admit girls from September 2013.”

There are currently no plans for boys to be admitted to Bournemouth School for Girls.

And Mr Brien claims the move to admit girls at BS “effectively narrows choice to boys – who may now not get a place”.

The admission of girls is one of a number of changes taking place to admissions criteria at the school.

From next year boys from the borough of Bournemouth will get preferential treatment over those from outside the area for admission in Year 7.

The first 120 places will be allocated to those with the highest test results, regardless of where they live, with the final 30 given to Bournemouth boys in order of test score.

Admission arrangements to all grammar schools have changed, meaning eligibility tests will be carried out at Bournemouth School, Bournemouth School for Girls, Poole Grammar and Parkstone Grammar earlier than usual. Tests for 2013 entry will take place at all four on September 29 and in Poole students hoping to enter both Year 7 and Year 8 will be tested due to changes to the age of transfer in Borough of Poole. Each school will hold information evenings to explain the changes and detailed arrangements are published on the school websites.