ELLIOT Turner denied suggesting ways he could kill Emily Longley the night before she died.

He was asked by his barrister Anthony Donne QC whether he suggested to friend Tom Crowe setting Emily on fire with petrol, drowning her in a bath or strangling her.

Each time Turner replied: “No.”

He added: “I never said that to Crowe.”

Turner said Crowe had demonstrated a number of wrestling moves on him during their encounter on May 6, 2011, including the “choke slam” and “clothes line” but neither practised the sleeper hold on each other.

Turner told the court he and aspiring model Emily had “instantly clicked” when they first knew each other, that they shared similar interests and “got on like a house on fire”.

He said he had accessed Emily’s Facebook account without her knowledge on April 30 after she had left herself logged onto the social networking site on his computer.

He said he had looked out of curiosity and had found “derogatory” comments about him and their relationship as well as messages showing Emily flirting with other boys. Turner said he challenged Emily but she denied everything.

Turner described what happened at the Poole restaurant-bar Bella Rosa on April 30 when he pushed Emily towards a booth they were sitting in and her hitting her head.

He also spoke about the evening he was told Emily might have been going on a date with another boy. He told the court he armed himself with a mallet and went into Klute bar.

Turner added: “I was intending to show it as a threat but not to use it. I wasn’t serious.”

Mr Donne asked Turner why he had told friend Tom Crowe he had hit the boy, Louis Pow, and Emily over the head with a mallet, killing her.

Turner said he had thought he would play a “prank”.

Speaking about the evening of May 6 – the night before Emily died – Turner said he was surprised at what Emily had chosen to wear and admitted calling her a “whore”.

That evening Turner said he and Emily went to Cafe Shore and got into an argument. He said Emily threw two drinks at him and he “stupidly” grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards him. “I was just swearing at her and saying things I didn’t mean, things I now regret.”

He said he felt embarrassed.

“I shouldn’t have reacted like that,” he told the court.

During his evidence yesterday, Turner admitted that he had been unfaithful to Emily during their relationship and had sex with a number of other girls.

The prosecution claim Turner strangled Emily in his bedroom at the Turner family home in Queenswood Avenue in Queens Park in Bournemouth on May 7 last year.

Turner is also accused, together with his parents Leigh Turner, 54, and Anita Turner, 51, of perverting the course of justice.

The trial continues.