A BOURNEMOUTH woman said a cyclist “could be killed” riding over three potholes outside her home.

Jill Abbot from Ensbury Park Road said she reported the first hole earlier this year and two more have since appeared.

She told the Echo: “This end of the road has had multiple pothole mends.

“But they are useless because the road surface is crazed from years of frost, heavy traffic and neglect.

“A cyclist or motorcyclist could be killed, especially when they are full of rainwater.

“It must be very expensive to send a team of men when a problem is reported and then another team to fix a hole.

“Every inadequate repair needs a further visit and a further fix.”

Stuart Best, Bournemouth Council’s street services manager, said: “Temporary works on Ensbury Park Road have been put in place to resolve this problem. Ensbury Park Road carriageway is inspected 12 times per year by a fully qualified highway inspector. In the long term more significant and substantial works are planned for this area.”