ON one level it sounds encouraging news. A specialist support centre has been launched in Bournemouth for rape victims.

But what is shameful is that the need for it is so great. The grim figures show that over a three-month period in 2010, no fewer than 209 sexual offences were reported to Dorset Police. And last year there were 632 sexual offences in the county.

What’s more, Bournemouth itself has been identified as an area with people most in need-of face-to-face counselling and emotional support.

So let us be grateful that a team of understanding women are there to advise victims at Dorset Rape Crisis and help them move their lives on.

“It’s the shame surrounding rape and the secrecy attached to it that needs to go,” said manager Sharon Frame.


The only shame should rest on the shoulders of the men who rape. A prison term may end but there should be a life sentence on their consciences.