ELLIOT Turner was secretly recorded telling his parents: “I just flipped, I just went absolutely nuts.”

Police bugged his family home after 17-year-old aspiring model Emily Longley was found dead in his bed last May 7.

A jury at Winchester Crown Court yesterday heard extracts from the tapes.

Turner, 20, told his parents: “A screw had literally come out of my brain at 10 that night. I had no conscience at about 10.”

He said he “lost it” after an argument when he asked her if she loved him.

“She just hit me in the face. I was putting up with it.

“I contained myself for about 20 seconds. She kept punching and kicking me,” he said. “I just ******g grabbed her as hard as I could.”

On the tape, Turner’s dad Leigh said he had never been told this before. Leigh became emotional and said: “I am sorry, I am sorry.”

Turner then went on to say Emily was fine but in pain. He gave her a drink of water and she collapsed to the bed.

He said he had seen her collapse several times before. He said he went to sleep and woke up to find her cold next to him.

During the recordings, he also discussed DNA tests with his mum.

He said: “They can link like, let’s say my hands are on |her neck... they can link that ... forensics.”

Anita replied: “Yes, that's why use self-defence.”

Turner also said of Emily: “I loved her so much I would have married her.”

But he also said she had ruined his life and referred to her with swear words and described how angry he had felt.

He said: “I never meant to harm her. I never planned it. I never planned to harm her, honestly. Just that argument.”

British-born Emily emigrated to New Zealand aged nine – she had been staying in the UK with a grandparent in Southbourne.

Turner, her former boyfriend, of Queenswood Avenue in Bournemouth, denies murder.

He is also accused along with his parents, Leigh, 54, and Anita, 51, of perverting the course of justice, which all three deny.

The trial continues.

Father 'destroyed letter'

DAD Leigh Turner was covertly recorded by police talking about a letter from Elliot.

Leigh said he had “destroyed it with bleach and it said ‘he’s killed her but he didn’t mean to do it’.”

Leigh asked his wife Anita: “Do you think we were right to destroy that?”

She said “yeah” but Leigh said: “We have perverted the course of justice. We have destroyed vital evidence.”

In another recording he said he wanted to scream and suggested going to the police because “it’s burning me up inside that I know something they don’t know.”

Leigh said of the letter: “In that letter it said ‘shall I phone the ambulance and see if I can save her’.

“But he didn’t. He knew what he had done was so severe there was no point phoning the ambulance.”

Anita denied that’s what the letter had said, and said it was a case of self-defence.