A BRUISE on Elliot Turner's left bicep was consistent with the application of a sleeper hold to Emily Longley, a trial heard today.

Dr John Payne-James was giving evidence at Winchester Crown Court.

He said the bruise could have been made by the defendant's thumb as he gripped his left arm and used it to force her head forward into a V shape made with his right arm.

He said that, depending on several factors, "it is possible that compression could result in unconciousness - not sleep - within a few seconds.

"A broad application of force may mean there are no visible sites of pressure application."

He said grip marks were "very common" in cases of restraint.

Dr Payne-James accepted in cross-examination that, depending on the exact hold, a victim could have had one or both arms free to scratch and "fight for her life".

Anthony Donne QC, defending, also suggested if Emily had been face down on the bed, she may have been able to "thrash" her head around, which would have left smudged make-up on a pillow, rather than the "face mask" of make-up that was discovered.

Dr Payne-James said some movement was possible but: "The purpose of the sleeper hold is to fix your head and you can't move it very much."

Emily Longley, 17, was found dead in her Turner's bed last May 7.

Turner, 20, her former boyfriend, of Queenswood Avenue in Bournemouth, denies murder.

He is also accused, with his parents Leigh Turner, 54, and Anita Turner, 51, of perverting the course of justice, which all three deny.