A DANCE teacher wants more parents of children with Down’s Syndrome to introduce them to the joy of moving to music.

Kelly Shults, Principal of the Elite Academy of Dance in Ferndown, says they are the only school in the area to offer lessons exclusively for youngsters with the condition.

But numbers have fallen lately, and she wants to introduce a new generation to the art form.

Kelly, who runs weekly sessions for children with Down’s every Sunday, said: “Dance helps the children with muscle tone, social skills and gives them the opportunity to meet other children with Down’s Syndrome, as well as giving the mums a chance to talk to other mums.

“It’s beneficial all round.”

From the age of three, they can follow the academy’s usual ballet, tap and modern jazz structured programme – but with one-to-one help.

Kelly, 32, from Bournemouth, added: “They all blossom in their own little way.

“Some of them cannot do a simple jump to start with and then they can all jump and point their feet and stretch their arms.”

Dance helps them control their hyperflexible muscles, Kelly said, and they also perform on stage at the academy’s annual show on July 7 – 8.

“They can get their legs over the side of their head in the splits,” Kelly said.

“It teaches them to control their muscle tone and gives them new confidence.

“A lot of children with Down’s Syndrome are not confident and go around with their head looking at the floor all the time. Dance helps with their awareness of other people and helps their development.”

The 45-minute sessions at Oakhurst First School, in Shaftesbury Road, start at 12.15pm.Visit: eliteacademyofdance.com for details.