THE jury in the Emily Longley murder trial yesterday heard from a forensic scientist who examined a “face mask” print on a pillowcase found at the scene.

Darryl Manners showed the court what he described as an impression of a “face mask” on a beige pillowcase taken from the Turner’s home in Queenswood Avenue.

He pointed out to the jury what he thought were the mascara marks from the eyes, the mark of the nose and the pink impression of lipstick.

Mr Manners said there were no “significant signs of smearing” and added the pink material on the pillowcase was similar in chemical comparison to the pink material in the swab taken from Emily Longley’s mouth.

During cross examination by Anthony Donne QC, representing Elliot Turner, Mr Manners said he could not tell the age of the marks on the pillowcase.

Mr Manners also told the court he examined Elliot Turner’s shirt seized by police after Emily died.

He said he found smears of brown material on the right sleeve of Turner’s white shirt between the right bicep and to the region of the right forearm.

The court heard Mr Manners compared them with swabs containing foundation taken from the right side of Emily’s face and neck and said it provided “strong support” for the proposition that they came from the same source.

Mr Manners said the two substances were similar in colour and chemical composition and this was a “significant finding”.

The court also heard from another forensic scientist, Nicholas Oliver.

Mr Oliver told Win-chester Crown Court he examined an area of mucus found on the back of the right sleeve of Turner’s shirt and found it contained the DNA of at least three people.

He said two full DNA profiles were found – one was Elliot Turner and another was Emily Longley. The third was not a full match.

“In my opinion the DNA that matched Emily Longley is from the mucus. This is based on the strength of DNA components matching her.”

He said he could not say for certain where the mucus had come from but in his opinion it was nasal material that had come from Emily Longley.

Elliot Turner, 20, is accused of murdering Emily Longley, 17, on May 7 last year.

He is also accused, together with his parents Leigh Turner, 54, and Anita Turner, 51, of perverting the course of justice.

All three deny the charges.

The trial continues.