ELLIOT Turner told ambulance staff that Emily Longley assaulted him and put her hands around his throat, a trial heard.

Ambulance Technician Stephen Stratton was giving evidence this morning at Winchester Crown Court.

He said 20-year-old Turner made the claim when Brockenhurst College pupil Emily was found dead at Turner's family home in Queenswood Avenue last May 7.

Mr Stratton said the crew were informed a young female was "going blue" and later that she had suffered a "cardiac arrest".

He said on arriving at the house they found signs of blood pooling in 17-year-old Emily's back, which indicated she had been dead "for a while".

Mr Stratton said that Turner told him he found Emily in that condition when he woke up.

They spoke again in more detail and Turner said they had argued and she had "physically assaulted him."

Mr Stratton's statement said: "Elliot said that she was kicking and punching and at one point she had her arms around his throat."

He said Turner told him: "I should have left her after this argument, she wouldn't have been dead if I had."

Turner's defence suggested he did not make that comment.

The jury also heard from one of Turner's friends, Liam Costello, who said Turner was "quite obsessive" about ex-girlfriends.

Mr Costello said Turner had "nearly tried breaking into" one ex-girlfriend's house and that Turner said if he saw her, he "would suffocate her with a pillow."

The jury also heard Mr Costello had been on the night out with Turner and Emily before she was found dead.

He said Turner was angry about Emily's dress and said: "If any guys come near her we have got to kill them."

During cross-examination Mr Costello agreed with a suggestion that he had not taken Turner's threats seriously.

Turner denies murder.

He is also accused, with his parents Leigh Turner, 54, and Anita Turner, 51, of perverting the course of justice, which all three deny.

The trial continues.