A FATHER was left high and dry after being told he could not go into a public swimming pool because his trunks were too long.

Lorry driver Andy Toms was accompanying his stepdaughter and her friend to the Littledown Centre pool in Bournemouth last Saturday morning when he was prevented from entering the water for safety reasons.

“I was wearing three-quarter length shorts, which come to just below the knee. I got a tap on the shoulder from an attendant who told me I wasn’t allowed in the pool because my shorts were too long,” said dad of six Andy, 45.

“The girl offered to go to lost property to find me another pair of shorts, but I said: ‘No way.’ “I left and had to take the two kids with me because at 11 and 13, they were too young to be left without an adult.

“We had planned the trip the night before, so they weren’t very happy.

“They had actually got into the pool and were swimming.”

Andy, who lives in Bear Cross with his wife and two stepdaughters, added: “I was advised that I had too much material, but they are proper swimming shorts and aren’t particularly baggy.

“I went to reception to get a refund, but no-one apologised.

“When I asked to speak to a manager, all they said was that it was company policy. It’s totally ridiculous. I was furious.

“I’ve been going to that pool for years and wore those shorts there just before Christmas. I’m definitely not going back again.”

Colette Kiernander, general manager at the Littledown Centre, said: “We are currently looking into the matter, but can confirm that our swimwear policy – outlining acceptable swimwear – is clearly displayed in the changing rooms and is there to maintain a safe environment for all of our swimmers. We explained this to the customer and he left the premises after being refunded in full.”