Time gentlemen and ladies please. Over the past few years a culture has developed where too many people think it acceptable, almost admirable, to be out of their skulls on the streets.

That’s why few will argue with David Cameron’s vow to tackle the “scandal” of public drunkenness that has long been a bull-size headache for hospitals, ambulance staff, police, bus and taxi drivers and anyone else out and about.

Apart from being boring and damaging your body, being grossly drunk impacts on others. Sometimes violently.

Look at Bournemouth. It’s good news that violent crime in the centre has fallen but one violent attack is one too many.

And, although a campaign to eradicate alcohol-fuelled sex crimes in the town has helped cut reported sex offences, there were still 16 in six months.

Introducing drunk tanks might have an effect. Reducing the availability of ridiculously cheap drink would do more.

And seeing idiots who are regularly ‘soberly challenged’ on our streets grow up would go down best of all.