HE was abandoned in a shockingly neglected state of health but Aslan the Lionhead rabbit has found a new lease of life.

RSPCA animal welfare officer, Sue Brooks, was called out to a park in Horsham Avenue, Kinson on Sunday evening by a member of the public who had found the poorly animal abandoned in an Iceland box near the substation.

Along with matted fur covered in faeces and urine scalds, the three-year-old rabbit also had discharge running from his eyes and was covered in mites.

Sue rushed him to the PDSA emergency vets where he was tended to and cleaned up and is now on various medications and pain relief.

He was then taken to Lynwood Veterinary Group, in Dunbar Road, Bournemouth. Now Sue is turning her attention to finding the callous owners whose neglect led to the rabbit’s shocking state.

“It was after dark on Sunday night which was very cold and frosty – not a night to leave a poorly rabbit out in the cold”, Sue said.

“I don’t think by the state of the box and how cold he was he could have been there for very long.

“The box was still quite rigid.”

Sue added: “It was touch and go.

“It is always difficult to know why someone would do this.

“Times are tough for everybody but there is no excuse for this. There are plenty of organisations to help people.

“To abandon a healthy animal is bad enough but to leave one in the condition Aslan was in is unforgiveable.

“He must have been in great discomfort.”

Aslan has now been adopted by student veterinary nurse, Lucy Beach from Lynwood.

She said: “He’s still a bit nervous when he is handled but his nature is so lovely – not at all aggressive.

“It’s difficult to understand how anyone could do this.”

Anybody who recognises the rabbit or remembers seeing someone with a box around that time on Sunday to contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 and ask for Sue Brooks.