NHS dentistry - no thanks! That's the view of many Polish immigrants, who pop home for treatment rather than facing long waiting lists and the expense of getting their teeth done here.

Joanna Konopka, 27, from the Bournemouth-based Polish language paper, the Polskie Echo, said Poles are able to get treated here, but many prefer to go home for dental work.

"It's much cheaper to go to Poland to the dentist, and it's much quicker," she said.

"Even if you include the price of flights, it's still cheaper. It can also be a problem with the language."

She added that she would personally go back to Poland for dentistry.

"When I was in Poland I had to have my teeth done - it cost me £10 and she did a lot of work. It was much cheaper than here."

One in 10 of England's 21,000 dentists left the NHS at the start of April after rejecting a new contract, leaving a million people without NHS dentists.

And it's not just Poles taking advantage of the cheap dentistry - Joanna said her home country is even capitalising on the British problem by opening English-speaking clinics, so that British nationals can get dental treatment there. However, earlier this summer the Daily Echo reported that Bournemouth still had NHS dentist places available and local access is not a problem.