FAMILIES in Colehill are being asked if they would be happy to pay an extra £3.30 a year to keep their library open.

It’s one of nine libraries facing closure when Dorset County Council withdraws its funding next year.

County Councillor for Colehill, Janet Dover, still hopes the decision could be overturned on Thursday, November 10, but an action group has been set up to see if it would be feasible for the community to save the library.

It would cost around £10,000 a year to run if opening hours remained the same, and 40 people would need to volunteer as librarians, administrators and managers.

Colehill Parish Council Deputy Chairman, Councillor Susan Davies, said: “Working that out with the number of households, which is about 3,000, it would mean an annual increase in precept per household of around about £3.50.

“But before we make a decision on that, we feel it’s very important that the community is given the opportunity to express their opinion.

“Money is tight for people so we wanted to make sure the community support paying that little bit extra or not.”

Under the county council’s plans, a community library would have access to the book supply and training courses for volunteers.

For the first time, the parish council is paying to post the Clarion newsletter and questionnaire to every home.

Completed forms must be returned by Monday, November 14.

Colehill Library Action Group will present its business plan at Colehill Memorial Hall on Saturday, December 3, between 9.30am noon.