POP star Gerry Rafferty did not leave any of his £1.7million fortune to his fiancée, it has been reported.

The legendary songwriter, famous for penning the 1978 classic Baker Street, did not change his will after getting engaged to Poole artist Enzina Fuschini, it is claimed.

So when he died in January, the 63-year-old’s estate went to his daughter and granddaughter, leaving Enzina – who he met in September 2008 – with nothing.

Speaking at the time of his death Enzina, who is in her 50s, said she had helped Gerry battle his alcohol addiction.

They had a ‘whirlwind’ romance after meeting in a London café, she said, when she had no idea that he was famous.

“After leaving California Gerry was moving from one London hotel to another and very lonely,” she said.

“His so-called friends had deserted him and no-one took his calls. We clicked immediately.

“I wanted to help him overcome his alcohol addiction and he desperately wanted to change.”

Enzina invited Gerry to return to Dorset with her and they lived in a rented house in Upton.

He proposed on Christmas Eve 2009, presenting her with a diamond engagement ring.

In November last year he was admitted to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital with multiple organ failure, later dying at daughter Martha Rafferty’s Gloucestershire home.

Under a will made in March 2007, she inherits his California home, land and contents, leaving granddaughter Celia Rafferty with the rights to all his future song royalties.

Enzina, who was unavailable for comment yesterday, told the Daily Echo in February: “On the last day I saw him Gerry couldn’t speak but was conscious.

“As he held my hand I told him I’d love him forever and that we would meet again. He nodded; I still can’t believe he has gone.”